Quality has two faces at Liqmatic. On one hand we are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, on the other hand we offer qualification as our own provision of service according to GAMP 5 and 21 CFR Part 11.

Behind these standards there is motion. Effort which is aligned to clear criteria, highly complex and improved permanently. The quality we display, serves as a model to ourselves.

We impose clear criteria and regulated processes to which we adhere to. Day in and day out aiming to revision and implement processes and guidelines permanently, in order to generate quality.

Corporate Policy

Liqmatic as an independent and small company defines itself primarily through the avidity for a technology we are well- versed in. Our engineering performance brings added value of exceptional quality to our customers. In a company where technicians and engineers manage the company, a highly intensive analysis must take place to meet the customer tasks which also have to be highly efficient, as we keep close cooperation in a small enterprise.

This complies with flat hierarchies and creative leeway which promotes all productive force of our employees. The company makes further contribution to this. By offering permanent professional training we develop personal skills and professional competence of our employees. And if mutual respect, openness and team spirit is added, a basis for best performance is created.

Our business processes are complex and permanently challenged to optimize. Regular team meetings are focused to error prevention, fast order processing, adherence to schedules and a flexible reaction to customer requirements. Our business is an energetic process where quality of service and products are top priorities.