Working at Liqmatic

Liqmatic will be good for you, if you intend to establish yourself in a team of experts. At first the willingness to evolve yourself as an expert is a major requirement. To become an expert you have to acquire specialized knowledge, and to learn from your colleagues.

The person who subscribes this formula and comprehends his personal competence as a learning process, will find a place at Liqmatic. They will be part of a company, which offers pleasant future prospects like flexible working times, parental leave or working in a home office.

Professional Development

Working for Liqmatic also means to work for yourself and your personal future.

Technical knowledge revolutionizes itself in an ever increasing pace. Staying safely in the lead, you should forget any stagnation. We accomplish this task regularly by qualified trainings for our employees.

Your advantage is that you are in contact with individuals who consider your future.