Business Areas

Process Automation

Another score for Liqmatic? Our competency and specialization in a sector where highest demands concerning knowledge, experience and know-how are made to put the perfect solution in low-germ and antiseptical processes in practice. We are able to do this and that’s why the pharmaceutical and the food sector demands our support. Mainly we are requested for a highly specific brainpower. We combine process engineering with the field of automation. This principle displays an undeniable advantage: process engineering and software are all from one source.

Production control

Who´s controlling whom? In order to control production facilities we focus on three topics: efficiency, operability and maintenance. Just when this triad plays in harmony, production is successfully put in practice. At the level of operability and maintenance there is only one rule: intuitive operation. We achieve this by a strictly modular design of the plant. The actual system parts should be easily located in the flow sheets, the electrical construction and in the software used. The system diagram, the electro technical planning and the software concept are made from one source, easy to understand and highly effective. This corresponds to the fact that we organize the software either as batch-controls or as recipe-controlled systems according to ISA S8801.


Utility processes which offer the required media or organize the purification and the sanitization of facilities normally combine a variety of production plants. The key word is “connectivity” and is a part of the language we master perfectly at Liqmatic. The requirements that result from this obligation is our business day in and day out. Know-how concerning industrially used bus systems and experience in coordinating interfaces of different plant suppliers is highly requested. As said before, our daily business.