Biopharmaceutical Sector

Our approach is to operate sector-oriented. For our customers the advantage is more tangible that we can cope with the specific challenges and their surroundings by using our up-to-date and best knowledge.

This can be seen in the biopharmaceutical sector where extremely complex processes with a variety of challenges occur. Here automation is no longer an island, but we always keep an eye on the fact that everything we do makes sense and is target-oriented.

Upstream processes

Our teams have put many bioreactors into practice, but none of them was like the other. The result has always been similar due to the biotechnological engineering training of our employees. We achieved best quality and the highest functionality. We are completely familiar with all kinds of process management strategies and are completely aware of the specific objectives and requirements. Here we automate Upstream facilities as stand- alone systems, which are based on an easy-to-operate HMI system, as well as a plant unit of comprehensive process control systems.

Downstream processes

High- quality and expensive intermediary product is produced when in ultrafiltration and chromatography systems proteins and other elements have to be separated from a mixture of substances. Accordingly these processes are often highly sensitive and complex. Outstanding comprehension of the process and a lot of experience in process management is needed to achieve an excellent result of the automation technical implementation. We have both.

Application systems

The appropriate dosage often plays an important role when automating Liquida application systems which serve for the production and subsequent processing of active ingredients and culture media. Weighing and proportioning systems which are worth considering are included in the automation plus all barcode scanners and printers which serve as a pre-weigh station for the auxiliaries and additives needed. We are in complete control of logging all materials used which plays an important role in recipe-controlled systems.

Supply of ultra-pure media

A major player in daily life in the biopharmaceutical sector are the ultra- pure media. They are needed for almost every production process. The good news is that also in this sector Liqmatic is your partner. Our specific know-how is designing and automating of specific requirements to so-called loops, like for example the requirement and the extraction management.