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    • Design Engineering

      Design Engineering is one of our core competences. Our customers benefit from the long term experience of our engineers in designing and planning of automation projects in the pharmaceutical industry.

      Over the years the key aspect of automation integration projects has emerged. The objective is the expansion of existing automated production facilities by using and developing even further the functionality of existing automation system.

      It’s not only the technical aspect. Objectives and expectations may be complex and may have multidimensional nature. The integration of all the stakeholders of a project becomes the key factor for success.

      Contact us. We’re pleased to explain the Liqmatic approach.

    • CM – When things turn confusing…

      Commissioning is not a one-dimensional business. Usually many tasks, obligations and services crowed in short term and narrow space.

      Liqmatic manages commissioning and qualification. For the execution of the different tasks, which are quite often to be dealed with simultaneously, we compose a team representing all necessary disciplines.

      For special assignments we complete our teams temporarily according demands.

      Contact us. We’re pleased to explain the Liqmatic approach.

    • Downstream Systems

      Downstream Systems like chromatography or ultrafiltration systems usually are designed as package units (PU). Integration in existing control systems is not very popular with suppliers. We close that gap.

      Liqmatic process technology and automation engineers create functional design specifications and software design specifications strictly following your demands and integrate those package units into your existing automation system.

      We avoid additional interfaces for data transfers e.g. process and audit trail data.

      Liqmatic is the missing link between package unit suppliers and your automation system.