As engineers we offer a highly specialized expertise: The knowledge of production-automatization in certain sectors.

This expertise has a method, it requires us to work consequently systematic. The "V-Model" is our compass. With its comparative dynamic of Draft-, Realization- and Trial-Phases it basically becomes our working hypothesis for highly specialized Engineering solutions.

Design Engineering

Thoughts are free? Only if they follow the exactly defined templates which we apply to our work before the actual software production and the construction of the electrical switchgear. Creativity in design clearly consists of securing that truly all needed content is part of the solution and everything is efficiently documented. A trefoil of documents covers all of our planning and specification activities:

Function specification

The process engineering processes of an installation are shown here in an abstract manner. For this kind of description we have developed our own graphic and textual description concepts. In doing it this way we create a work basis which leaves little margin to the programmer, but is still comprehensible to the customer.

Software design specification (SDS)

Additionally the programmatic concept of the software should not be an open space for programmers. Proper maintenance, enhancement and software testing are good motives to determine exactly the structure in the software design specification.

Planning of Hardware

Designing the hardware of automation systems means to plan and document systematically. In essence, this is done by the hardware design specification. Here we define main components and essential features. Fine Tuning like circuit diagrams and measuring point lists will be specified during the design engineering process.