As engineers we offer a highly specialized expertise: The knowledge of production-automatization in certain sectors.

This expertise has a method, it requires us to work consequently systematic. The "V-Model" is our compass. With its comparative dynamic of Draft-, Realization- and Trial-Phases it basically becomes our working hypothesis for highly specialized Engineering solutions.

Testing and Commissioning

Before any success gods have imposed the test. It reveals the quality of the developed software immediately. So it is not only an inherent component, but also a detailed and structured part in all procedures of our quality management system.

Experience showed that in the course of a project, development work can be so time consuming that intensive testing cannot be executed thoroughly. Our aim is to avoid any planning errors right from the beginning. Therefore, exactly structured procedures throughout the entire project are our way to deal with any upcoming challenge.

Inhouse testing

Any product we deliver is subject of detailed and consequent inhouse testing. Concerning software, all functions are simulated and any error is deleted. In case of systems like switchgears or devices equipped with software, all functions are tested under real-world conditions.


As a major advantage for you, the procedure- oriented focus of our personnel generates a holistic view on commissioning. So process engineering, electrical engineering and software are not seen separately to each other rather than the interaction performed. All functions are
tested again and again, no matter if the inhouse tests have already been passed. We are willing to offer the security of sheer accuracy and keep records depending on the specifications by means of a Site- Acceptance –Test (SAT).

Commissioning Management

The key to smooth commissioning is specific know how. For not losing track on scheduled planning and coordination of several trades, appropriate experience in manufacturing and processing technology has to be shown. We have expanded our expertise in this sector to offer our own product range. Individual experts, but also teams of experts can be booked.