Hardware is the second priority of our services. It can be a full service or just a part of it, but it is always associated with our engineering.

Whether it is an integrated part of a complete package or an autonomous project, we have taken the pledge to provide and integrate every component on request, which was ever somewhere discussed in the context of automation.

Automation Components

The specific situation and individual customer requirements determine whether we also contribute specific hardware to the project. No matter whether a complete package, in parts or not at all, it makes no difference for the performance, maybe a little bit: obtaining components from us will have the advantage to be less time and work consuming. Concerning Work for example when testing if up-dated licenses are available and concerning time which we are able to save with our policy of very short paths to the manufacturer. If everything is delivered from one hand, you can rest assured that all fits well.

SCADA systems

SCADA is the standard when operator and machine communicate in processing plants. We deliver this standard in all major systems and scales ranging from individual operator consoles to client-server systems on to soft redundant systems. One thing is for sure: Our know-how guarantees you to obtain components and licenses that are needed to operate your facility. We either deliver a ready installed system on your hardware or a virtual system which will be installed on your already existing system.

Process control systems

In this field we also deliver all commonly- used systems with all varieties. And we also confirm that you get whatever you demand, precisely the solution that you wish.

Controls (PLC)

Keep your eyes open when purchasing PLC systems! The world of PLC became so highly complex that important additional components can be left behind or the choice of the model is not appropriate. In order to avoiding mishaps when commissioning we simply recommend our know-how. We deliver PLC systems made by Siemens with matching additional components and the correct interpretation of the performance of all components.