Hardware is the second priority of our services. It can be a full service or just a part of it, but it is always associated with our engineering.

Whether it is an integrated part of a complete package or an autonomous project, we have taken the pledge to provide and integrate every component on request, which was ever somewhere discussed in the context of automation.


Our engineering department specifies very detail-oriented the switchboards which you precisely need. This is the moment for tendering a comprehensive package with three topics:

  • Functional planning of electrical projects/ components
  • Efficient switchboard construction
  • Technically flawless installation

You benefit from this combination, because anyone who takes all three trades from a single source avoids unnecessary interfaces, increases efficiency and defines clear responsibilities.

Switchboards (cabinet and more)

Your specifications and our design documents form the standards according to which all switchboards will be set up. The fact that we bring them in line with the applicable national standards and regulations, is self-evident. If these are related to explosive areas according to ATEX, we are not only familiar with the subject, it is common practice at Liqmatic. Less often, a particular vendor is requested by customers. We comply with our mandate, but only after a supplier audit according to our quality policy.

Electrical Installation

We comprehensively take care of the electrical installation. If the complexity of a project requires to provide a specially assigned employee who will coordinate all actions at the construction site ranging from the delivery of the cable material to supplying office and warehouse facilities up to the effective coordination of all trades, this will also be done for you. If you request a particular supplier, we also take him into account, after a supplier audit.