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    • About us


      Our lean organization stands for efficiency and competence. This is shown by a team at the top and a wide spread distribution of responsibility of each and every employee.

      We are all Executives for the success of our customers.

      • Managing Director

      • Director Operation Management

      • Director of Operations

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      What distinguishes us, is mastering the brain-work of an automatization. As well as the quality of certain components is highly important, a well-thought efficiency of any programmed solution will melt theory and practice together to result in the best possible solution.

      Whatever you may need, we will master the full range of a sustainable excellent solution.

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      • Qualification

      • Automation

      • Process Engineering

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      Quality has two faces at Liqmatic. On one hand we are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, on the other hand we offer qualification as our own provision of service according to GAMP 5 and 21 CFR Part 11.

      Behind these standards there is motion. Effort which is aligned to clear criteria, highly complex and improved permanently. The quality we display, serves as a model to ourselves.

      We impose clear criteria and regulated processes to which we adhere to. Day in and day out aiming to revision and implement processes and guidelines permanently, in order to generate quality.

      • Quality Management System

      • Corporate Policy

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      Working at Liqmatic

      Liqmatic will be good for you, if you intend to establish yourself in a team of experts. At first the willingness to evolve yourself as an expert is a major requirement. To become an expert you have to acquire specialized knowledge, and to learn from your colleagues.

      The person who subscribes this formula and comprehends his personal competence as a learning process, will find a place at Liqmatic. They will be part of a company, which offers pleasant future prospects like flexible working times, parental leave or working in a home office.

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      • Jobs

      • Bauleiter (m/w/d) Elektro

      • SPS-Programmierer (m/w/d) – Naila

      • Erfahrener Projektleiter (m/w/d) Prozessautomation

      • Projektingenieur (m/w/d) Automation

      • Projektingenieur (m/w/d) Life Science

      • Lead Ingenieur PCS7 (m/w/d) mit Erfahrung

      • Projektingenieur (m/w/d) Automation – PCS7

      • Praktikant (m/w/d) für Prozessautomation

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      Besides our headquarters in Munich, we maintain another office in Naila.

      • München
        Landsberger Straße 398; 81241 München
        Phone +49 89 589 775 49-0
      • Naila
        Kronacher Straße 34; 95119 Naila
        Phone +49 89 589 775 49-0
  • Products | Our offer

    • Products | Our offer


      As engineers we offer a highly specialized expertise: The knowledge of production-automatization in certain sectors.

      This expertise has a method, it requires us to work consequently systematic. The "V-Model" is our compass. With its comparative dynamic of Draft-, Realization- and Trial-Phases it basically becomes our working hypothesis for highly specialized Engineering solutions.

      • Design Engineering

      • Programming

      • Testing and Commissioning

      • Qualification/Validation

    • Products | Our offer


      Hardware is the second priority of our services. It can be a full service or just a part of it, but it is always associated with our engineering.

      Whether it is an integrated part of a complete package or an autonomous project, we have taken the pledge to provide and integrate every component on request, which was ever somewhere discussed in the context of automation.

      • Switchboards

      • Automation Components

  • Business Areas

    • Business Areas

      Business Areas

      • Process Automation

      • Factory Automation

      • Clean Room Monitoring

      • Building Management Systems

    • Business Areas


      • Biopharmaceutical Sector

      • Food & Beverage

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